An openworked knot box

Frisia, 1600-1630

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An openworked knot box

A circular silver marriage casket on three even flat feet. A cast marriage coin is mounted in the centre of the detachable cover and shows a seated couple that hold each other’s hands below a tree with putti with olive branches. It is surrounded by the text: VXOR . SICVT VITIS FRVCTIFERA . IN LATERBVS DOMVS TVA. Ps. 128 (Psalm 128 is a praise to women: Your house woman will be as a fertile vine growing on the sides of your house; your children as olive plants around your table).

The reverse is engraved with a burning heart of love below a celestial hand that gives the blessing. The heart encloses the letters GSE. Around this the text GOTTES SEGEN ERTREUE is inscribed.

The sides are decorated with chased foliage on a granular ground. The box is cut and chased with flowers, foliage and branches.

The base is engraved with a shield enclosing the text:

‘Wt recht Liefde is dit gewrocht / op ware trou u toe gebraght

ontfangt het dan met harten rein / dees houlyche gift al is het klien’

(‘This is made with real Love / Brought to you with Loyalty

Receive with an open heart / This gift that is holy although small’)

Private collection, The Netherlands

Frisia, 1600-1630

height 49 mm

Ø 59 mm

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